Sunday, September 30, 2007

Go Colts

Brian and I went with my dad to the Colt's game today. My cousin, Rachel, babysat while we went. We had fun. If you know me very well, you know that I hate sports - but I can enjoy the experience in person - and by experience I mean this:

This man is "the drunk" who sits in front of us. He makes me SO HAPPY! He leads the crowd in cheers, hi fives all around, and keeps the beers coming. . . Here is a photo of his 4th (unless I lost count). The highlight for me was when he did several of the cheerleaders' moves. Life changing. I'll try to upload a video of him on here. So much fun!

These are the 2 old ladies who sit in front of my dad - ALWAYS. I'm telling you - this crowd is much more interesting than the game.

Oh yeah- and the Colts won! :)
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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Today's Update

Okay - I'm done overwhelming you with cruise blogs! I'm back to one a day! :) Unless I am VERY inspired! :)

Today the girls and I stuck close to home - except for bringing Emily to pre-school. We bring her at 12:10pm and pick her up at 3:10pm. (messes up MAdeline's nap - not to mention mine!)

Today, she had to bring a picture of her family for show and tell. She was excited to go to school today. (In fact, yesterday she asked, "Do I get to go to school today?" So, that was encouraging from little miss "I don't want to go!"

While I made dinner, I let the girls play in the sandbox -which is right outside our sliding door. (I'm not sure I should do this - but I did) Here are 2 pictures. We are SO whitetrash! The girls were out the rest of the night in shirts and underwear / diaper. I actually think it's cute in a trashy sort of way! :) This evening we went outside for popcicles for dessert. Then, Brian played ball with the girls. They are just so cute running around in our yard. I often try to take mental pictures of them so cute and so young running around here.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I thought it was awesome that I captured this rainbow over St. Thomas!

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Castaway Cay

This is Disney's Island in the Bahamas. Our big day at the Beach!

Playing with Grandma Bonnie.

Riding a tube with Jeremy and Faith
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The Ship - Disney Magic

The kids pool - shaped like Mickey Mouse.

The slide!

The ship
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Home away from Home

This is the view of our room from Brian and my bed.
This is the view of our bed from the door - it was tight - but fine.
Madeline when she just woke up
Emily when she just woke up!
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Maddie - Boo

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Silly Emily

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I Scream for IceCream!

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Princess Time

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Character Fun!

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