Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bubbly Bubble Bath

Saturday night the girls took a bubble bath in papaw's BIG spa tub. I ran the jets just enough to get the bubbles HUGE - the girls loved it! Here are some bubbly shots!

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Time at the Lake

We had a great day Saturday at my dad's. Here were some of the highlights. . . Maddie and dad swimming.
Sweet Cheeks riding on the boat. This was the first time that Maddie enjoyed the boat.
This was the first time that Emily ever tubed - which was a big deal to Brian and I. She did great until Brian was explaining to her what to do if they fell off - and she freaked out and wanted off!
Maddie was striking the cutest poses on the boat.
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Tam Lines

This girl gets sun SOOO quickly - it is AMAZING - had to share her stinking adorable tan lines.

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The girls LOVE to look at pictures on the computer - pics of them, silly emails, etc. Here they are doing it together.

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Would you rather????

Brian and I have some fun question type books left from our youth ministry days. Emily has discovered them and loves to be asked the questions. Last night, I was doing some - and tried to include Maddie as well.

First I asked Emily - "Would you rather have no hair or no toes??"

She thought long and hard about this then answered - "I want both!!!!" (not completely understanding that the point is that these are difficult, tricky questions.

Next, I asked Madeline "Would you rather have straight hair or curly hair?"

To which she replied, "No TOES!!!"

We laughed and laughed!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Blessing Neighbors

The other day I found some pretty wild flowers near our home. Emily has often talked about "going to pick flowers", so I made a mental note to bring the girls there some day. So - this weekend - we have a really low key weekend. Brian is on call - so we have to stick close to home - and besides the baseball game Friday night, we have NO PLANS for the whole weekend!!!! It is so nice! So, today we took the girls and cut some flowers. The pretty pink ones have lots of thorns - ughh. We arranged them in vases and let the girls pick which neighbors they wanted to bring them to. We only had enough for 3 vases. Then the girls made pictures out of some of the spare petals. It was very fun walking to the neighbors houses and giving them the gifts! The girls enjoyed it! The only problem? There were LOTS of little bugs that travelled into our house by the flowers - and Maddie DID NOT welcome these little creepy visitors. She was FREAKING OUT everytime she would see on. A little traumatic - but worth it.
Emily decided this one was her little umbrella. . .
Arranging the flowers
posing with our gifts
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Friday, June 20, 2008

Take me out to the ball game

Tonight we went with some church friends to an Indians (minor league team). We pitched it to the girls as "a picnic, a baseball game, and fireworks!!!" So, we had a big load - a blanket, 2 coolers, my purse, etc. It was a great time. It is so nice to know that we can do things as a family, because the girls are pretty much well behaved at stuff like this - so we had a great time. Brian took them walking at one point to see the sights around - but other than that - they were on our blanket the whole night. Emily is semi-phobic about fireworks, but Brian brought his shooting headphones for her to wear - and VOILA - she enjoyed the fireworks with the bangs muffled! Here are some shots of our night!

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Preggo Update

Here are a few preggo shots of me from today. I am feeling the pregnancy woes - pains, aches. This little girl is ACTIVE. She is a mover and a shaker. . .

Tomorrow we have our final ultra-sound - and it will be 3-D - so she will look like a baby instead of Skelator. We are bringing the girls - so I really hope they can understand what they are seeing.

Emily is being so cute about getting ready for the baby - she talks to my belly, hugs it. She tells me all the ways she will help with the baby - getting things I need or giving the baby a passy. I told Maddie that she needs to start staying in her bed ALL night if she wants the baby in her room. She has been doing MUCH better - going down perfectly at bedtime - but still waking up crying and coming into our room once during the night - but the last two nights - since I gave her the "big sister talk" she has slept through the night. This morning when she got up - she said, "I sleep all night," like she wanted me to take note! Oh, I did!

Anyway - my belly is big and tight. Still no name for baby girl #3. I told Brian tonight - maybe tomorrow they will shock us and tell us it's a boy. . . that would maybe make the naming easier. . . though I have a load of 0-3 mos. baby girl clothes in my dryer right now. . . :)
So - Brian wants Kate Elizabeth
I want Lauren Elise
Any thoughts???

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Big Girl Bike

Grandpa Ken (or "Drampa Tin" as Maddie says) came to visit today. He took us out to lunch at Red Robin (with Brian, too) then he and the girls did some bike riding. Emily looks like such a big girl on her new bike! And let me tell you - that little green guy Maddie is riding - the best $2 I ever spent. Bought it at a garage sale - and the girls consistently fight over it. It must just be a good size for easy and fast riding - they love it!


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Chillin at the Pool

We bought this pool last summer and Maddie did not like it. But this summer we have used it a few times - and they have so much fun - together. They are so sweet when they are getting along and laughing together. It is one of my favorite things! Here they are romping in (and out of) the pool!
You would not believe how Maddie tans - she has the best complexion!

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Schedule your photo shoot today

So, Maddie LOVES hijacking my camera - here is her most recent photo shoot with Emily as her star. . .

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

A new bike!!!

After a long nap today - we gave Emily a new bike we got her - she had outgrown her old one - she was very suprised and very excited! Here she is getting it:

And it was a natural fit!!!

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