Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Here is a pic of the Bugler girls. I love this pic. . .
Emily asked me to let her hold Kate a few weeks ago - she wanted to hold her standing up. I let her - one hand under her bottom, one hand on her back. She thought she was big stuff. I swear that this was a pivotal experience. She now wants to hold Kate on a daily basis. She has a new interest in her baby sister. I'm so glad. I love it.
Brian and sweet baby Kate in her cozy sweater at the bowling alley!
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ACTUAL birthday

In our family we like to make sure that if the girls' parties are not on their actual birthday - that their birthday itself is special. So, we give them some choices and let them pick how they want to celebrate their big day. . . Emily chose to eat at McDonald's. (She had a traumatic experience earlier in the week at a Mexican Restaurant - where they sang to her, smeared whipped cream on her mouth - to her horror - so I think she picked McDonald's because she knew they wouldn't sing to her!) You haven't lived until you have asked someone to take a family picture of you eating at McDonald's!!!
How old are you, big girl??? "I'm FIVE!"
Emily chose to go bowling just like Maddie did for her birthday. The girls used this metal slide to get their balls going down the lane faster. We had a good time bowling. I must mention that I crushed my husband - I got a 157 - which is awesome for me - I also must add that we used the bumpers! ;)
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Opening Presents

We came home after the party with family and opened all her gifts. It was fun!

A highlight was an alphabet scrapbook that Jill made for Emily. (She makes one for each niece when they turn 5!) It is awesome.
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Emily's Party

Here are her adorable cupcakes made by KeTina. . . our neighbor. They were delicious!
Brian won a party at a local gymnastics place - We were THRILLED to get to do a $130 party for FREE!!!! It was so much fun. Here are the kids stretching out. . .
They did some parachute games - including spinning the birthday girl. . .
Emily and Levi eating birthday cupcakes.
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Random Cute Pix

Here are a few random pictures from this month that I wanted to post. I love when the girls entertain themselves - here they are looking at a book together. Love.It.

Katie Pie sleeping on the ole boppy.
Emily and Papaw at a Colt's game. . . Daddy was there, too.
Maddie watching the news in her jammies and a fireman hat. So cute!
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Last Baby

Have I mentioned that Kate is our last baby? Final. Last. I am trying to drink her in. Savor her. Sniff her. Hug her tight. Trying to etch in my mind the memories of having such a tiny soul to love and hold. I asked Brian to take these pix so I can remember these moments! I LOVE BABIES! I'm sad I won't do this again.

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Baby

Isn't this baby girl a doll?

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Mom's Makeover

I have wanted mom to get her hair done up here for some time now. She has always gone to the same lady in my hometown. Today it happened! We paid for part of it for her Christmas present. . . I think it looks awesome!!!! I was so excited!

She got it colored and cut.
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Sunday, November 9, 2008

New flooring

Over the last week we have been working hard around here! We have been moving furniture and STUFF from room to room as we re-floor the entire house. Here is the deal - My dad told me over a year ago that if we got rid of our cats he would re-floor our house. (Both of my parents are grossed out by indoor animals - my dad always said my house smelled, etc.) I finally took him up on it - got rid of the cats - and new floors here we come. I grossly underestimated the work it would take to get our house ready for new floors. . . we have been juggling furniture and all our clutter from room to room - we broke up the flooring into 6 days. The only things left to carpet are our downstairs and the girls' rooms upstairs. They are happening on Monday and Wed. of this week. Then after we get stuff situated we are DONE. I am trying to do a MAJOR purge as we put stuff back. . . Goodwill, Garage Sale boxes, and Half price books here we come!


I LOVE the laminate we got in our kitchen. Before it was vinyl. I LOVE it!!!

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