Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Watch

Madeline got this watch in her stocking. (I had actually purchased it with Emily in mind - but decided to give it to Maddie) I'm so glad I did. She LOVES it. I would say it is BY FAR her favorite Christmas gift that has stood the test of time. (Pun intended!)
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Gymnastics 2

Here is Maddie doing a hand stand. . .
on the balance board. . .
time for a forward roll. . .
Emily and Miss Cindy - we LOVED her.
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Tonight was our last night of gymnastics, at least for awhile. The girls always start by stretching out.
Emily doing a hand stand.
At the end of class they all get their hands stamped.
Emily and her teacher, Miss Amber.
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Kate is 6 months old and eating cereal. She loves it and is doing great!

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Sling It

I am SO GLAD I bought this sling. I have LOVED it. . . and I still do. Kate is ALWAYS content in it. It is wonderful for when we are out and about.

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Mary Kay mom?

Don't tell my fellow Mary Kay ladies . . . my girls do NOT seem to have the "make up" gene. They end up looking like painted Indians after a make up session. (I have a feeling that is politically incorrect?)

Maddies cheeks were red for days - I'm not sure if it was 1. stain 2. from scrubbing or 3. she reacted to the make up.
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Big Gulp

Brian had this drink at dinner one night - and Kate was interested in it. I wish you could hear how the girls giggled at Kate holding this huge cup. It was sooo funny.

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Baby Girl

Here is a dress my friend, Steph, bought for Kate. Sooo sweet. She was all dressed and ready for church. Speaking of church. . . this is the first baby I have had that is AWESOME in the nursery. She has been fine in there from the start. And the workers LOVE her- especially the men. They practically fight to get her, which makes me feel wonderful!!!

The princess and her frog.
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Art Time

My girls love art. They got some fun art kits from Grandma Bonnie for Christmas that had . . . . wait for it . . . glitter glue!!! (Ughhhh!) They have loved doing art with their new supplies!

Squeeeeze that glue out!
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Daddy's Girl

I think Brian and I are both trying to drink in Kate as our last baby. I asked him the other night one.more.time. if he was at all open to the idea of us adopting. He is not. So, I will continue to prepare to rid our house of baby stuff. :( I do not think adopting is a wise decision for us financially, but I keep thinking of the verse: true religion as God sees it is this: caring for widows and orphans in distress. I just want to so bad in my heart. We'll see. . .

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Polka Dots

Kate got this chair for Christmas from Aunt Jill and Uncle George. Brian and I gave her the dress. She turned 5 months old the day I took these pictures (over a month ago).
Sweet Baby!

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