Friday, May 15, 2009

Big Sister

Emily's love and interest for Kate has grown. She has always been a loving big sister, but it seems as Kate becomes more interactive, Emily is getting better and better with her. This week I asked Emily if she wanted to feed Kate a bottle - she JUMPED at the chance and has been begging to do it again! She is quick to help out with Kate, carry her, get her a toy, etc. Emily, Kate loves you!!
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Upside Down Animals

The girls discovered that their pet shop animals (with magnets in their feet) stuck to our curtain rod. We thought this was so funny!
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This baby girl can now get where she wants to go. Usually that is the toy area. . . she knows where the fun is. This time I was cooking and she wanted mama!

On a rainy day this week the girls enjoyed "Bella Dancerella" that we got from a friend. Emily especially enjoyed this!
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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Birthday Celebration

We traveled to Fort Wayne this past Saturday to celebrate all 3 cousins' birthdays. Caroline turned 12. Isabel turned 10. Sophie turned 8.
Here are the cousins all together!
The girls LOVE to play outside together! Riley was there, too.
The girls watched "Hotel for Dogs" with popcorn in the afternoon.

It was so cute as we pulled away, Emily said, "It's hard to say good-bye to a good friend." I thought that was sooo amazingly sweet.
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Mother's Day

Here I am heading into church with my girls on Mother's Day!

I am so blessed to be doing the job I always hoped I could have. . . a stay at home mom!
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Grandpa Ken

All of Emily's grandparents came to celebrate her pre-school graduation with her. Grandpa Ken even brought her FLOWERS! How special!!!
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Pre-school friends

Lauren, Emily, and Sarah
Emily and her BFF Levi.
A few weeks ago, I asked Emily, "Do you want to get married when you get older?"
E: "No."
Me: "even if you meet someone nice like Levi?"
E: "I already asked him. He said, 'no.'"
"But if I see him when I'm older, I'm going to take him by the hand and bring him to the wedding!"

Emily's Closing Program

Last week was Emily's last week of pre-school. She had a closing program on Friday night. She did a WONDERFUL job. We are so proud of her.
Emily with her certificate. (She had the bear hold it!)
Here is Emily with her beloved teacher, Miss Marcia.
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Baby face

I bought this little hat at a garage sale for Emily. I had to take pictures of Kate wearing it before I sold it. . .

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Sittin and Playin

Kate sits and plays a lot these days. . . I just wanted to capture her day to day life on film.

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Taking a wail

We took a walk the other night and Kate rode like a big girl in the wagon.

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Emily got a Swiss Cake Roll for dessert from dinner the other night. Before she could say "dessert" - Kate GRABBED her Swiss Cake Roll and shoved it in her mouth. We all cracked up.
Well, most of us cracked up. . .
but we went ahead and let Kate enjoy her treat.
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