Friday, April 25, 2008

Playin Around

I got a new lens for my new camera and I tried it out tonight. . . Here aer some of my favorites!

Little one riding her bike. Let me tell you - the terrible twos have arrived at our house like a hurricane. This sweet little peanut is currently possessed. Help!

Em on her bike. She is doing so well on it.

This is our neighbor's BIG dog. Emily LOVES him. And he loves her. Emily and Maxx.
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The flowers again!

The first two were taken on my little point and shoot - and the 2nd two were taken on my new fancy shmancy camera!!!! I think the difference is pretty amazing! What do you think?

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Thursday, April 24, 2008


Our flowers came up so beautifully around this tree this year. Aren't they pretty? Try to ignore the dandelions!
Maddie has been TERRIFIED of swinging since she was a baby - and finally she is enjoying it - though she keeps saying, "Slow, mommy, slow."

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Corn on the Cob

Maddie's first.

Notice the ouchie under her left eye and on her nose - she took a tumble today - and the sidewalk won.
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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We love Daddy

The girls bask in the attention of their Daddy. Here he is giving Polar Bear rides. . . Look at the joy on Emily's face in the second picture!

Here is Maddie hugging Daddy when he was home for lunch from work!

Emily has told me several different times: "I miss Daddy when he is at work. I always think about him."

I hope that the girls continue to have a strong relationship with their Daddy as they grow up. I think it can have a major impact on their lives!
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Outdoor fun!

It is so fun to catch Emily in these action shots - she always has to run over to the camera and see the picture!
Maddie smiling so cute - Notice the ouchie on her bottom lip. It occured during their polar bear play time!
X marks the spot.
She is just so much fun!
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Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Bunny House

We always drive past this house when we are going to Avon. We call it the "bunny house" because there are about 50 bunnies hopping around the yard. Tonight we decided to stop and see if anyone was home - so we could take in the bunnies, chickens, and cows. Luckily - the man was home - he is 90 and a widower. He was so kind. The girls LOVED it. Of course Maddie was more tentative - Emily just drank it all in. That girl lives life to the FULLEST!!!

This little gray bunny was my favorite!

Maddie posing with the chickens - but turning around to make sure one doesn't attack her from behind! :)
Emily and the cows!
The bunny man was feeding all the animals bread to help gather them for us - so Brian said, "We should drop some bread by for him sometime." Well, he took us and showed us the back of his truck - he gets it loaded for $5. Nevermind the bread!
Here are a few of my favorite non-kid pictures I took:
Isn't he cute?
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Bedroom Sets and Papaw

Tonight my dad came up for a visit. He bought Maddie a new bed and dresser - here they are. They should be delivered in 2-4 weeks.

Here is a cute shot of Maddie chillin' on Papaw.

Maddie eating her applesauce at dinner.
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bathroom & Bubbles

I love this picture - matching outfits - pottying at the same time - makes this mama's heart go pitter pat! :)
Grandma Bonnie came to visit today and brought these awesome bubble wands. They work really well. The girls had lots of bubble fun!

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Tantrum - Caught on Film

In case you all don't believe me - here is a tantrum caught on film!!!
The arm out is Maddie for "I want the candy - NOW"

These are both Maddie for "I'm mad and I can't believe you are taking my picture."
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