Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dancing with Daddy

This nearly put me over the edge tonight - Emily put on this new slip I bought for their dress up (garage sale!) And daddy didn't miss an opportunity to dance with his little girl. At one point he said, "you don't need to step, I'll step for you." as her feet were on his - and it nearly made me sob. Brian also commented that they may dance like this someday at her wedding. "I want to marry YOU, daddy," was Emily's reply. I was clicking away at the camera, trying to drink in the moment. I've found myself doing that a lot the past few days - knowing that life will be wonderful and full with Kate - but trying to fully remember and embrace this life we have shared for 3 years with Emily and Madeline. I went through the same sadness when Madeline was almost here - and that clearly worked out! :)

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Monday, July 28, 2008

cute little bobs

My neighbor cuts hair - for $5 at that - and I also happen to love she and her family. It is so handy to have her in the hood! She just trimmed up the girls' hair this week - we wanted fresh cuts for meeting baby Kate! It doesn't look its best here, because Daddy took the girls for a quick swim tonight when he got home. But I told her to go shorter this time, and I love it! Especially on Emily!

Emily got a treat in the mail today - Aunt Jill bought both girls a littlest pet shop set when they were visiting her - and Emily's said she was a winner - with an internet code attached. Aunt Jill typed it in. . . they mailed her 5 littlest pet shop posters, and 5 envelopes with a sheet of LPS stickers and a LPS tattoo - needless to say - she was THRILLED! It inspired us to sort out her animals and inventory what she has - so we can make a list for her birthday of what she doesn't need. I have to admit, I love these little animals, too!
The girls modeling their collection! Isn't Emily looking sooo big?
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Sunday, July 27, 2008

The county fair

This past week my mom and Brian took the girls to the fair without me - Bless them!!! The main highlight for us is always the animals! Look how excited Maddie is in this first picture. But, always the cautious one, Brian said she pet everything with her pointer finger, only - at least she would touch them! :)

Emily had a little lamb . . .

The one finger goat petting! :)
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Monday, July 21, 2008

Ready for Baby

I ordered these shirts from ebay - and they came in today. I think they are sooo cute. The girls will wear them to the hospital to meet Baby Kate. . .

Don't worry - there is one for baby, too. Isn't this sweet? And they were very reasonable. I got to pick the ribbon, etc.

We tried Kate's on a baby doll - just for practice.
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Dinner Time

So, these are from dinner time last night. . . Brian cannot let go of the dream of having Maddie potty trained before the baby comes. That dream has died for me. Mainly because I do not have the energy to clean up pee 4 times a day. . . So, yesterday he battled alone on the potty front. Here is Maddie undie-less at the end of a several battle day. . . The girls wanted to share a chair at dinner - which I must say - I found to be quite sweet.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Drinking in the Sun

We spent Friday night at my dad's house - he lives on a lake in Brownstown, Indiana. That way - we had ALL DAY on Saturday to enjoy the water and boat. And enjoy them, we did. Emily is part fish and has to be wrestled out of the water, even for a boat ride. . . I thought she looked so pretty here before her hair was all wet!
Basking in the sunshine!

Riding on the waverunner "little boat" with Papaw.

I LOVE this photo of Brian and Emily jumping in together. LOVE IT!


This may seriously be one of my favorite photos of all times. . . Brian leads the way with the little ducklings behind him. He was awesome to be the main entertainment since I am not so much up for water sports these days. (Though I was quite proud to have been outside and a part of things for about 4 hours - that was an accomplishment!)We were also excited, because Maddie was more brave this visit. She wasn't afraid to walk in the sandy area of the lake - which is a first - and she jumped into daddy off the dock over and over and over again. Here she shows her killer grip on dad . . .It was such a nice day away from normal life - no computer, no phone ringing. The girls love being there, and we do, too. We also all got some nice sun to show for it!

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

More camera hijacking

The girls LOVE to take pictures. I occasionally indulge them - let them use my cheaper camera. Seriously, the results are so funny! Here are a few from the other day! Maddie was requesting funny faces from all.

Must also have a picture of our stuffed buddies.
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Preggo girl

Here is a quick update on my pregnancy - Bri took these photos of me tonight. I am D.Y.I.N.G. It is hard to sit through church, go to the grocery, etc. I have a lot of pain, no stamina, etc. This baby making business is no joke!!! Today Brian wondered if my doctor would move up the due date - I'll talk to her about it tomorrow at my appointment. It just felt good to think he realizes how miserable I am!

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Playin outside

Here are some shots I took tonight of the girls playing outside. . .

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Swim Class Week 2

Here are some great shots Brian got last night of Em in class. . .

Our good friends have their 2 kids in class with Emily, too - and Maddie and their youngest hang out and share snacks while the others swim!
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