Monday, September 28, 2009

Family Photo Shoot

Brian showed me an awesome canopy road. . . and I said - we are coming back here in the Fall to take pictures!!! And we did!
I am really excited about the results. We bribed the girls with the promise of ice cream. For the most part, it worked.
Here are Emily and Madeline doing a silly session.
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Sweet, Sassy, Strong

Nicki was a friend of Brian's growing up. . . She was so excited about this baby girl. . .
This collage is all about a Mother's Love. . . Nicki and her mom. Nicki and her precious Madelyn - and Nicki's mom holding Madelyn.
Sweet new baby.

Nicki seeing and holding her baby.

Brian and his brother grew up with Nicki and her familly. (especially sister, Katie) I always heard about "the Baker girls." Brian had a crush on Nicki at one point in high school . . . and his brother dated her. Not a great brotherly situation!!! In 1996 Brian and Chris were involved in a serious car accident. Brian and Chris were life-lined to Methodist Hospital. Brian had a broken neck.

Brian's parents had to make the choice to pull the plug on their son.

They also chose to donate his organs. (Which has led to an awesome story and relationship with the heart recipient - a HUGE good out of a HUGE bad.)

Chris was 17.

Nicki was there.

At the hospital.


Now, years later Nicki and I are facebook friends. We chat online about her upcoming baby. About all she has overcome in her life. About her excitement and peace about the future and her choice to mother this baby alone. Nicki got a bad cough - went to the doctor and was admitted to the hospital in Bloomington with "pneumonia." They then determined she had HELLP syndrome. They took the baby by c-section immediately (a month early). Nicki got to hold her baby - pefect healthy, Madelyn Isabel. She soon deteriorated and develped ARDS (acute respitory syndrome). She was put on a ventilator. 3 chest tubes were inserted to drain her lungs. She was on sedation drugs. Her lungs just did not get better.

They moved her by ambulance to Methodist Hospital.She was 3 doors down from where Chris was in the same pediatric ICU. (There are SIX critical care units at Methodist)

Her family had to decide to "pull the plug"

Her family decided to give the gift of her organs.

Brian was there.

At the hospital.


Sometimes life comes full circle.

Please pray for all involved.

I believe Nicki's mother will seek to adopt Madelyn.

Pray that is an easy transition and process.

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Sister Love

Madeline LOVES Kate. I mean LOOOOOVES! She is such an amazing big sister. It's almost like she was created for this role!
I love this picture! As Madeline urges Kate to walk to her!!
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Our Day at the Orchard

Each Fall we go to a local orchard. We all look forward to it. So much fun to taste the different apples.
The orchard we go to sells amazing Apple Cider Slushies. This year we went when they were having a craft fair and food fest. So, we had hot dogs and roasted corn on the cob.
Kate had her first apple!
The girls each picked an apple for their teachers!!!
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!
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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Random pix

Sweet baby and daddy
They are never too young to learn. . . "Sweep, Cinderella!!!"
Kate and Mama!!
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Children in the Attic

Lock em up
Throw away the key
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Frog Down

So - 10 days in and we've lost one frog!!!!! Can you believe it????? And I got the honors of removing him from the tank. . . I, the girl who wouldn't touch the animals we had to disect in high school. GROSS. I put him in a baggie. Brian put the baggie in our fridge - Ewwww. Then in an attempt to help me - Brian accidentally let the other frog loose - the frog jumps across our island - then off the island onto the floor towards Kate - Emily is SCREAMING - Kate is scared - I am attempting not to pee my pants. It was hysterical.

RIP Leapster.
The girls helping bury Leapster in our flower bed. . . Emily even gave the eulogy - "Leapster, you were a good frog. We'll miss you."

But don't you worry - I got the store to cough up another frog - so now we have Lacy!
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I was busy doing something - and discovered that Kate had found a leftover bag of Target popcorn and was munching away. She is so funny!
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Donut Monster

Me Like Donut
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Back Yard Campout

Brian is an awesome dad. He decided he wanted to camp out with the girls in our back yard. He went all the way! We had such a great time. Hot dogs, baked beans. Our neighbors joined us for that part of the festivities. Then I put Kate to bed and we made smores - this was a first for the girls - and they LOVED them!!
Soon it was time to tuck in and read some bedtime stories.
They all slept well (me included in MY BED!!!) It was a HUGE success! I'm sure this is not the last back yard camp out!!!
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Plus-size Barbie

Check out the size of the Barbie in OUR dream house!!!!
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First Homework

Madeline had to decorate an "all about me" page for a book they are making in pre-school. We had a lot of fun making it!!!
In case you can't tell - her favorite foods are pizza, breadsticks, and milk.

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Uncle Chris take two

Emily told Grandma Bonnie that she wanted to give Chris one of her school pictures. She asked Grandma Bonnie to put it at Chris's grave so Emily would "know which one was his." Grandma Bonnie lovingly obliged (as Grandma must do!) So here is how we found Chris's grave. . .
The envelope contains a picture Emily drew for the uncle she never met - but would have loved.
It is still hard. . .
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