Friday, August 21, 2009


My mom brought us some butterflies in process. . . And Sunday we awoke to a beautiful Monarch butterfly! It was sooo exciting. Their wings need an hour to dry after emerging - so we left him in the jar while we went to church.
But when we got home the time had come to set our winged friend free!

Yes, that speck is the butterfly flying away! I told Brian that watching it fly away was a lot like watching Emily get on the school bus!Emily drew a picture of the process and brought it to school to share. . .

The butterfly, the pupa, and Grandma Sharon who brought them to us.

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Time with Madeline

Here is a train Maddie and I made one day while Emily was at kindergarten and Kate was napping.
It has become abundantly clear that Madeline and I had different plans for Emily's time at kindergarten. I thought I might get to accomplish a little in peace (as Emily would be gone, Kate would be napping, and Madeline is good at entertaining herself) and even maybe relax a little!

Madeline clearly sees this a a wonderful opportunity for 3 1/2 uninterupted hours of 1 on 1 play time with mommy - oh my! It has been an adjustment for both of us. I'm hoping we get into a better rhythm than we are in right now!
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The State Fair

We went to the State Fair with Grandpa Ken. Brian and I went once before we were married, but hadn't been back. We had a good time. We enjoyed an elephant ear while watching the hot air balloons puff up.
We checked out all of the animals, of course. . .

We found 2 of my niece Caroline's 3 projects that made it to the State Fair!!!! Go Caroline!

We also checked out the big exhibit hall.
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Emily's First Day of Kindergarten

Aunt Susan and Aunt Jill had sent presents for Emily's first day of school - so sweet!
Shortly after breakfast, Emily started to feel sick. She threw up for about 2 hours very nervous about kindergarten and not knowing anyone. She finally took a shower and started to perk up. She was very excited about wearing her new outfit - and her brand new tennis shoes sealed the deal. Once we put those on, she was ready to go! Isn't it just like a girl to get cheered up over new shoes? Here comes the bus. . .
Still takes my breath away to look at these pictures of her climbing onto that huge bus! When it pulled away I felt like I had done something I wasn't supposed to do. I literally felt it in my chest . . . like I should chase the bus and get her back!!! Brian was crying.

But soon the day was over and she was climbing off the big bus!

Emily Loraine 8-11-2009
It is midnight the night before you start kindergarten. I am still up, thinking about you. How is it possible that you are ready for school? On the verge of turning 6. My baby girl is starting school. I hope I have instilled in you how much you are loved. I hope I have told you all the wonderful traits I see in you. I hope my time at home with you has shown you what a gift you are to me. Wow. You are such an awesome little girl. You are so smart and sharp. I love to watch you learn and grow. I have lived life differently since you came along – lived it through your eyes. And it has been beautiful and exciting. I LOVE how you live life – so fully and freely. You give it your all! That is awesome.
I love to think back about when I found I was pregnant with you. We were so excited, yet scared of what life would hold. Then there is the conversation I had with your daddy when I suggested the name “Emily Loraine.” That was it. He was sold. It was the same way the day you were born. We both loved you instantly. Wanted what was best for you. Fought over what was best for you. As you grew – you were so smart. You talked so much so early! My friends were all amazed at your words!
Then you became a big sister. You were too busy for Madeline at first – too busy exploring and learning new things on your own. But as you grew up you two became the best of friends. Always playing together! And then there was Kate. You LOVED that baby girl from the beginning. You are such an amazing sister and friend to Maddie and Kate. They are blessed to have you.
Emily Loraine, God made you so special. He has a plan for your life. I pray you will follow His lead and listen to Him. I pray that you will be a good friend to kids that need a friend. In that way they will see Jesus in you.
You will LOVE school. You will excel in school. I have no doubt. I just have doubts in if I have done well enough with my job up til now. I pray you will forgive me for the areas I have fallen short. I love you so much and want to be the best mom I can be for you. You deserve wonderful parents that love you and make you feel secure! You are so loved, little one.
Your Mom

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Meet the Teacher

The day finally arrived. . . We went to the school to find out what class Emily would be in, and to take a look around. She was very excited about the class fish that they would get to name when school started.
We found her writing journal waiting to be filled. . .
Now, if I can just put her on the bus. . .
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"Bye, Dentist, I love you!"

This summer we FINALLY took the girls to the dentist for the first time. They were super excited to go . . . and LOVED it.
Which is more than I can say about this guy. . . who hadn't been to the dentist in, like, 12 years!!!! GASP!
We made it a family trip - with 4/5 getting exams and teeth cleaning. And no cavities for any of us! Hooray!
The girls did perfect. They each got to pick a prize out of a treasure chest for being so good - but were much more excited about the new toothbrushes and toothpaste they received. As we pulled away from the dentist office, the girls exclaimed, "Bye, dentist, we love you!!!" Now that is a rave review!!
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Smarty Pants

Having been educated by my family of educators (my dad was an elementary principal for almost 30 years and both of my sisters are teachers) I have fairly strong opinions about what style of education I want for my girls. I love open ended, creative, free-thinking. I like choices, my penguin doesn't have to look like your penguin type of activities. Check out Emily learning to read and spell. TURTLE And instead of correcting her - I say - "Awesome!!!!" And take a picture!
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Back to school date

Brian decided he wanted to take off the day before Emily's first day of kindergarten. He wanted to take her on a special date. He asked her what she wanted to do - and she said go on a nature walk / trail. Brian researched and found a 3 mile hike for them to take that was to be "scenic." They packed a picnic lunch and were off! What a fun back to school adventure.
I emailed some of these pictures to family and friends - and my mom commented "the trail begins here" was perfect for Emily embarking on Kindergarten and her education in general! I agree!

My awesome girl - ready to explore and conquer the world!

I know YOU are ready for Kindergarten, Emily Loraine. The question is: Is Kindergarten ready for you??
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