Saturday, August 23, 2008


Welcome to Topless night at the Buglers!
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My blankieeeeeeee

I love you, blankie.
I take you where ever I go.
You make me feel secure.

I love you, Blankie!

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First REAL bath

Tonight Daddy gave Kate her first REAL bath. . . while the girls took a bath of their own. She was pretty much okay with it. She just didn't like being cold. Isn't she cute all wrapped up?

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First day of Pre-K

Daddy had Em re-enact her homecoming from school - because we didn't take a picture earlier. . . that explains why my daughter is barefoot! She loves school - She says playing outside on the playground is her favorite part. She said she made a new friend named "Madeline." At her pre-school they bring a bucket instead of a backpack. I can't believe next year she'll be in Kindergarten!

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Born to be a Big Sister

Some people say - "so, you are okay with having a 'middle child?'" Well, no - we are okay with having a Maddie - and this girl is so loving. She was MADE to be a big sister. She has been such a doll with Kate. . . "it's otay, baby tate, I toming" "big sister here!" She sings "Jesus loves me" to Kate in attempt to calm her down. She is just precious with her. "I love tate." "Tate love me." "I calm her down!!!!" "I big sister"

Yes you are, Maddie - you are a wonderful, loving big sister! And a great little sister, too!

She asks to hold her at least once a day.
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Daddy giving a fussy Kate the Shhhhhh treatment . . . until she goes "Zzzzzzz."

A fussy Kate that needs the Shhhh treatment! This shirt was a gift - isn't it cute?
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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kiss me Kate

Today was a good day. . . We took KAte to the church for the first time. She slept through the entire service. It was a nice break - and so fun to show her off. We picked up Burger King on the way home - ate it - and finally woke her up to feed her! It was great! This afternoon Brian had tickets to see the new Colt's Stadium. He decided to take Emily - so to appease Maddie he took her to the park for about an hour, then came home with milkshakes from Rallys. Brian and Emily had a super time at the stadium. . . I think they were both surprised by how fun it was. I was nervous being home with Kate alone (Maddie didn't worry me). It ended up awesome - Kate slept almost the whole time - 3 hours. I was able to have a little alone time - Maddie fell asleep for about an hour. . . then Maddie and I did some activities together. Maddie and I did art with stampers. Then I let her play in the kitchen sink. We read some books, and ate dinner together. She is just such a lovey dove. Today out of the blue she came up to me and said, "you my mommy!" Yes I am! And what a blessed woman I am for that!
Here is Kate's favorite spot to sleep. We have a changing pad downstairs on the floor for her diaper changes - but she loves sleeping on it on her belly. This is where she took her 3 hour nap! Little sweetheart.

Maddie playing with the dishes!
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In a desperate effort to calm a cuckoo Kate - daddy took his shirt off . . . and her jammies off . . . I told him I'd be really offended if she latched onto him (since I've had such trouble nursing her!) Well, Maddie was already naked - (as usual) - but Emily soon joined the club - so here are Daddy and his naked girls!
Kate sleeping all cute. . .
Maddie running with her blankie. . .
Em and her pal, Milo.
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Art Stand

Emily drew a picture of spaghetti the other day . . . then decided to draw many pictures of spaghetti "to sell." She wanted to have a stand to sell art . . . She spent several different sessions drawing spaghetti. I told her that on Saturday we could make her idea come to life. I called several neighbors to ensure a successful sale! But we also had several men stop by and buy her art - and they always paid more than .10! It was very cute. We were open from 10am - 11am.
Maddie doing art LIVE at the stand. . .
Customers! Customers!!!
Emily yelling, "Art for SALE!" to cars driving by. . .
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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Meeting Miss Kate

Since my first c-section with Emily was rough, I was quite anxious going into the OR. You can imagaine my excitement when a friend from a spiritual retreat I attended a few years ago was one of my main nurses. She greeted a crying Ellen at the OR door and proceeded to pray for me in a circle with 3 other Christian nurses that would be a part of our event. Pretty cool. It is just, honestly, an uncomfortable, semi- scary experience. I just want to hear the baby cry - know she is fine - and be stitched up! Add to that me having my tubes tied, which I had weird emotions about - and it was just anxious. . . So, when Miss Kate came out, oh my did she cry! That girl has had her lungs from the start! She cried and cried. No question that she was breathing fine - she was wailing! :)
Daddy and his little girl - Brian has seemed to have a special connection with Kate from the start, which I love.
My beloved Dr. Fenoughty and screaming Kate!
Talking to my new baby girl. . .
Brian calling and talking to Emily about her new sister!
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Eddie the Gnome

Brian came home from work giddy a few days before my delivery. The detectives have a gnome, Eddie - who goes on vacation with whoever is going on vacation - and comes back with photos of his adventure - that are posted in the detective office. . . Brian taught me a new term "stay-cation" - when you take time off but stick around town. So, though Brian was on a "stay-cation" Eddie hadn't ever been in an OR - and the time had come! So, Eddie was a part of Kate's birth. Imagine my joy when my husband is elaborately planning a photo shoot for . . . . not Kate, but EDDIE. Oh my! The second shot is of my OB helping get Eddue ready for the OR - she thought it was great. Geesh.

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