Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Haircut

Today, Madeline and Emily got their hair cut. It was Maddie's first haircut EVER. Emily did not want to have any part of it - threw a minor fit - but finally agreed to a few inches off. I wish I could have gotten her hair cut like Maddie's. Maddie was ana angel during her haircut. I think she enjoyed it!
Here are the before pictures:

And After:

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Proud Mama

These pictures are from our hike last week. Maddie was hamming it up. And I was all over it with my camera! Now - to why I am proud. This little girl has been going on the potty for 3 days! She has had a few accidents - but she really prompted this whole thing. Brian and I have both remarked that potty training her wasn't even on our radar - what a pleasant surprise. Especially after stubborn little Emily. This is truly a gift. We'll see if it lasts - but so far it has been SO EASY with her - and so EARLY!

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What's REALLY going on here

Here is an update on what is REALLY going on with me:

- My dad had his first chemo treatment on Monday and seems to have tolerated it beautifully.

- I am doing Breaking Free bible study by Beth Moore and liking it. The daily work is fairly intense - I do it right before bed, which is working out for me.

- I am so thankful to have a new good friend - the mom of one of Emily's classmates. A true friend is such a gift. The same is true of my neighbor Ketina.

- I am trying to sell some excess "stuff" on craigslist. I'm slowly considering de-cluttering. This is a MAJOR project for me and this house! (maybe some early nesting?!)

- Brian and I are planning on taking the girls camping in May. You read that correctly. It will be the first time. (and certainly may be the LAST!)

- We are trying to come up with a name for baby #3. I had happily settled on one, unfortunately without my husband. Currently in the running are: Lauren, Anna, and Kate. and maybe Abigail.

- I had some serious back pain last week - but after my first ever 2 trips to a chiropractor have been miraculously healed - even if only temporarily - i'll take it!

- I am currently obsessed with a missing man case out of Seattle. If you like this stuff - google Nicholas Francisco.

- I decided to enroll Emily in our church's pre-school for her final year. LONG, HARD decision - but I'm glad it is settled.

That's all I can think of - but I am open to questions! :)


Fun Pix

Papaw came for a visit on Easter afternoon. He brought headbands for the girls - and Maddie is little miss flashdance in hers!
Here is our very own egg hunt. It was actually flurrying during the hunt. Ughhh.
Notice the winter coats and hats.
Another ensemble by Madeline - a diaper and tennis shoes. Gorgeous!!! Maybe she has a fashion career ahead of her. (or maybe she is a fashion disaster in the making.
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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

I love an excuse to buy a matching outfit for my girls!!!! My dad always gives me money to buy the girls Easter dresses - which is SO fun!!!! Here they are!
Princess Madeline

The Two Princesses

Maddie shows our neighbor, Ketina, her shoes. They are the shoes my niece, Isabel, wore in my wedding!

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fun Stuff

Yesterday we went swimming at the Aquatic Center for about 2 hours. The girls LOVED it! Today we went to a local church for an Easter Egg Hunt. Our church doesn't have one - and I have long wanted Emily to have the experience. The biggest shock? Maddie was an aggressive little egg hunter herself!!! They had a great time and got a good stash of candy!

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

I Like to Hike

We went for a hike / nature walk tonight. Emily loves every minute of it. Madeline isn't so sure. (Then again, I got tired and my legs are MUCH longer than hers!) Here is Emily walking on a downed tree.
Emily getting back to nature with dad - You know, when nature calls - it calls.
The girls.
Maddie plopped down on the middle of the trail. She was D.O.N.E. (though she looks happy in this picture - she wasn't.)
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The lost has been found. . . I got mywedding ring / engagement ring sized after Christmas (it hadn't fit since Madeline). So, I have been thrilled to wear it - until last week. Maddie lost it. She was sitting by me playing with it. Then put it in a teacup - then she went to bed adn I forgot about it. The next morning - she had carried the teacups upstairs - but no ring. When asked where mommy's ring was she said, "up." Then either "Maddie's room." or "Mommy's room" or "Emmy's room." Couldn't find it in any of them. Well, last night - she was playing (right by where she had played with the ring) and picked my rings up off of a stainless steel container. They blended right in - I was ELATED to have them found!!!!
Last night we had our friends, the Steffans, over for dinner. Brian made a turkey breast - and it was awesome. Here their youngest, Jessica, got stuck in our doll stroller. She is sooo cute!
Here are some shots of the girls eating their breakfast this morning. . . Maddie loves to be naked - is she a boy? :)
Em, watching her show nibbling on a healthy breakfast poptart. (Don't judge me!) :)
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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Field Trip

Yesterday I went with Emily on a field trip to a pet store. It was fun. I always love seeing her with her little girlfriends!
I think the bus ride is always more fun than the destination for these guys!!!

Checking out the froggies.

Petting a bunny!
These are the cute girls in our group. The one in the light blue shirt is Jon Chastain's little girl (for those of you who went to Taylor)
This is my dear friend, Jamie - who found out yesterday that she, too, is preggo with her 3rd little GIRL! We are excited to be doing it together! I think the dogs were the highlight!!! Emily LOVES dogs!
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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's A . . .

nother girl!!!!! Here are the girls in the ultrasound room getting the news! Brian's mom came up and went with us - then out to lunch. It was a fun day. And nice to mentally plan out our family of girls! :)
The weather was great today - so tonite we took a walk. The girls love to bring their buddies in strollers - it is sooo cute! And now to think of another little girl trailing along is just so sweet!

Get ready for Baby Girl Bugler # 3!
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