Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Final Christmas

Brian's parents came today and we had our "final Christmas." The girls got entirely too much stuff - but they sure had fun!!!
Ems with a new Littles Pet Shop blanket from Grandma. . .

Daddy got a new Ipod - how exciting!!

Grandma and two of her girls.
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Christmas at the Zoo

Last night we went to Christmas at the Zoo. We took my mom along. It was her first time at the Indy zoo - so that was fun! We had a good time!
Grandma and girls at the Dolphin Show.
"Damma" and Mads. . .
What a gift!
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Baby Kate

We all love our Katie Pie!!!!

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The Show must go on. . .

Maddie is putting on a "Kitty Show" while daddy, Grandma and Emily watch. . . Daddy looks riveted!
Did I say Maddie? Looks like it's Cinderella!
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LOVE it!!!!

My mom made Madeline a new comforter for her bed - I came up with the idea and my mom sewed it - I LOVE it - and from the looks of it - Maddie does, too!

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12 Days of Christmas

The twelve days leading up to Christmas Brian left a gift on his pillow each morning for me - it was so fun!!! Among the gifts: a rose, a card, a note telling me why the girls love me, car air freshener (I asked for!), etc. It was very fun!!!
Emily made this handprint wreath for us at school - I LOVE it!!! I will get it out each year and remember when she was little!
Brian shows off Kate's new jammies (Kate slept through the festivities)
Emily shows off a tooth fairy pillow - you hang it on your door - put your tooth in the pocket on the pillow.
Maddie shows off a new dress. She will be so cute in it!
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Monkey Business

Madeline and George

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Rudolph and Clarice

Emily made her desire clear to Santa: "Bring me a Rudolph stuffed animal." Luckily, I spotted one - and a Clarice, too. I got Rudolph for Emily and Clarice for Madeline. Not to be left out - I got a cute curious George at another store for Kate. Well, Emily came down - saw the animals under the tree and announced, "Santa brought me Rudolph AND Clarice." No, No he didn't. . . Then Madeline prefered Curious George to Clarice -which was fine - Kate agreed to trade her (ha). Anyway - we have spent the last several days reminding Emily that "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit." (A phrase SHE taught us from her school. I'm sure now she wishes she hadn't!) AND - that Clarice belongs to KATE - not to her!!!

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Night time

The girls also decorated some cute ornaments I bought after Christmas last year. . . Then when Daddy was tucking the big girls in - Kate and I stopped in for a visit - and a few pictures. . .
She was done! (Can you tell?)
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Gingerbread House

We made one from a kit this year. . . on our own. It came out pretty good. (Especially considering it was on clearance last year!)
Maddie doing her side of the roof. . .
Emily decorating her side. . .
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We did hand prints on canvases for grandparent presents - then we put Kate's foot prints in the middle. They turned out cute. Then my sister wrote their names by their prints. Then we had paint left over so we painted. . .
Notice Madeline painting in the leopard print leotard!
One of Emily's paintings.
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