Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy Birthday?

Today was my due date with the baby I miscarried in October. It has been strange to think about - it certainly would be harder if I wasn't currently expecting another baby. . . but it is still bittersweet.

That baby was wanted. loved. planned for. anxiously awaited. even if for a short time.

We loved you and wanted you, sweet baby Bugler #3.

Your sister, Emily, still talks about you - and realizes that you are in heaven.

I guess you weren't made for Earth.

It will be awesome to meet you one day.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Visiting Tom and Cyndi

We had a WONDERFUL few days visiting our friends Tom and Cyndi. Cyndi and I met in Israel when I studied there in college - they now live near Chicago. They have a wonderful home for entertaining - and an AMAZING backyard!!! Look at all the fun that was had! They have 3 kids - but their older two were at Grandma's while we visited - but Jocelyn (the youngest) is 8 days older than Emily - and a complete sweetheart - so these three little girls had a blast!!!! (Especially my girls who don't have a swingset or trampoline . . . or jeep!) They loved taking in all the fun outdoor activities!

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Rainforest and Ikea

Friday I flew up to Chicago to meet with my friends. Brian and the girls drove up on Saturday and spent one night with some friends of ours - then I met up with them on Sunday. Brian and the girls picked me up and we decided to have a special lunch at Rainforest Cafe. It was very fun with the girls, though they were both afraid of the thunder that periodically hits. Here is Emily with a monkey. . .
Maddie during a thunder storm
The fam and the common photo op.
We also made a quick trip to Ikea - here is the princess and. . . . Maddie added the pee - while we were in the kid area of Ikea - she completely peed all over the floor - wonderful. . . bring on the worker with the mop - watch people grab their small children so they don't step in the pee - sorry people!!!! :) We actually didn't even buy a thing - which makes a trip to Ikea quite sad for me! (I think Brian thought it was a major accomplishment!)
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Bank Girl Weekend in Chicago

I had a wonderful weekend with my dear "Bank girls." Our senior year, 10 of us lived in a renovated (I use that term very loosely) bank. And we STILL get together a couple times a year - inspite of marriage, children, careers, etc. It is so fun when we get together. We talk and eat. That pretty much sums it up. Picture many girls telling stories at once and many stories that are started and never finished because something else comes up. This time we met up in Shaumburg, Il. We ate, shopped, chatted. Highlights - we took several trains into downtown Chicago on Saturday. (missed our train back by 4 minutes - and thus had to wait 2 hours for another train!) Ordered pizza at 11pm - just like the good old days. It was refreshing and good to be in their space!
Marcy, Ann, Steph, Sarah DV, "Blaza" Elizabeth
On the train
Proof that I was there, too! :)
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Happy Haircut, Emily

I was done dealing with the thick, thick hair. . . getting all the shampoo out to moans and wails - combing it after baths to shreiks and groans - and even then - it wasn't happy with how it looked - so . . . off you go, hair!!! I think she looks so cute with her new do. Our neighbor is a hair dresser and did it for us!!! Thanks, Angie!! The day of the haircut - Emily said, "I don't want to get my hair cut. My hair will get longer and longer and people will know me by my beautiful hair." Oh my!

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Zoo Story time

Brian took these awesome animal photos last weekend - thought I'd share - and if you have kids - I'm sure they would enjoy them! 

Brian always enjoys taking the girls to Story Time at the zoo - it is several Saturdays each Spring. They have a different character each week - who shows up. They also read a story and sing songs and do crafts. Right down my girls' alleys! Last week it was "Super Why" a character from PBS. . . Maddie STILL has the tatoo on her arm!

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Fort Wayne

We spent all day Saaturday in Ft. Wayne for my nieces' birthday celebrations. Caroline turned 11. Isabel turned 9, and Sophie turned 7. It is so hard to believe they are so grown up! Brian pointed out that he has now been around our family for 9 years, as he went with me to the hospital when Isabel was born. Here are a few good family pix from the day -
I love this one - my dad with all his grand daughters.I think it is such a good picture. In case you are wondering - he has 2 more chemo treaments - he is off this week - then gets one each of the next two following weeks. He has been quite worn down - and I'm not sure he knows when to slow down and take it easy - but other than that - he is doing well.
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Friday, May 16, 2008

Gambling away

Brian had a fraud conference at Caesar's Casino & Hotel in southern Indiana - and we decided to join him. It was a fun overnight adventure which included: the girls sleeping in their own queen size bed. And jumping on their own bed. . .

A late night of swimming in the Roman pool. . . followed by room service pizza!
A bubble bath the next day - then we spent the afternoon blowing time at the mall while Daddy worked. . .
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Maddie's new furniture

Maddie's new furniture was delivered on Wednesday. . . Here are the girls waiting as the delivery men brought it up piece by piece - they were SO EXCITED!

Maddie clapping in her new bed.

Are these excited faces or what?
Maddie on her new big girl bed!!!
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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Daddy rocks

Daddy played at the park while I took lots of pictures. . . He is so good with his girls. . .

Here they are both crying because they don't want to leave. . .
And Maddie was OUT in the car on the way home.
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