Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Madeline

Madeline turned 4. Sigh. I begged her to let us have her turn 3 again, but alas we went ahead and let her age another year. . . She decided she wanted a make up party. She woke up to find a caboodle full of nail polish and lip gloss. Soon her friends arrived for a make up party. We did several stations. . . you could put make up on a sketch of Maddie, make a necklace, have your own make up done, get your nails painted, and be sprayed with fairy dust. The little girls had a wonderful time. We also opened presents and had cake!
The day after Maddie's birthday was Sunday - so we went to church. Then we let Maddie choose where to eat. . . she chose Red Robin. They sang to her and brought her a sundae. Then she chose for us to have a family movie night later that evening; complete with popcorn and m & m's.
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